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The Delaware Association for Bank Security (DABS) was estabilished in 1967 as a non-profit organization aimed at promoting bank security in the state of Delaware. The association is made up of experts in the banking industry and law enforcement who are dedicated to enhancing the security of banks and financial institutions in Delaware.

DABS provides a platform for sharing information, strategies, and best practices to improve security measures in banking operations. The association also collaborates with law enforcement agencies to investigate and prevent crimes related to bank security and financial crime.

In addition to promoting bank security, DABS also provides educational programs and seminars for its members. These programs are designed to equip members with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively manage and mitigate security risks in their respective banks.

The association is governed by a board of directors made up of experienced banking professionals bank security in Delaware.

Over the years, DABS has played a crucial role in enhancing bank security in Delaware and has become a trusted resource for banks and financial institutions in the state. Their efforts have helped to reduce the incidence of bank fraud, robbery, and other crimes, making Delaware a safer place to conduct financial transactions.

Michael Lawson, Vice President of Security Loss and Prevention at Artisan's Bank, is the current chairman for DABS. "We are a networking group for financial institutions and law enforcement." As a retired law enforcement officer, Lawson understands the importance in networking and building a strong relationship with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. "Fraudsters have become more technologically savvy over the years and keep us on our toes with new scams and financial crimes. Most of our networking discussions are based on new trends we are seeing in the local tri-state area."

In conclusion, the Delaware Association for Bank Security is a vital organization in the financial industry in Delaware. Its role is promoting bank security and providing education and training to its members cannot be overstated. As a non-profit organization, DABS is committed to its mission of enhancing the security of banks and financial institutions in Delaware, and its efforts have had a significant impact on the financial industry in the state.

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