The information provided on DABS.ORG is intended for usage by members of the Delaware Association for Bank Security, therefore unauthorized access is not permitted. If you would like to join DABS please read the information below and send an e-mail with your organization information. We will contact you for any additional information that we may need. As explained in the By-Laws of DABS, membership may be obtained in the following manner:

Membership Classifications

General - Members shall be classified as hereinafter provided. Each member classification as herein defined shall the rights, priviledges, and obligations pertaining to such classification. Membership may be revoked at any time with or without cause by the Board of Directors.

Honorary Member - Any individual may qualify and continue as an honorary member who is employed by any Federal, State, or Local law enforcement agency. An Honorary Member elected Director shall not vote as a Director. Except for voting priviledges , Honorary Members shall have all other rights and priviledges of Bank Members.

Bank Member - Any corporation may qualify and continue as a bank member and be issues a Membership certificate if it is a Delaware financial institution subject to the Bank Protection Act of 1968 and pays its dues within ninety days of assessment. Bank members are entitled to voting priviledges as outlined herein and shall have access to all financial crime information disseminated by DABS, subject to the by-laws and established guidelines on the exchange of information.

Associate Member - Any individual or corporation may qualify and continue as an Associate Member who has a legitimate business interest that is consistent with the stated purpose of DABS, and pays the established dues within ninety days of assessment. Associate members shall be non-voting members and are ineligible to hold an elected office. Associate members will receive notice of monthly and quarterly meetings; however, unless specifically invited, associate members are not permitted to attend the business portion of any meeting. Associate members may apply for access to the DABS computer network and Alert Information, and upon approval, shall be subject to the established fees and guidelines for such service.

If you would like to join DABS, please click here and provide your name, organization, address, telephone number, and e-mail address in the e-mail message. Someone from DABS will contact you soon.

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